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this is what I waited 639 days for. this is literally what I spent $29.99 for at GameStop.

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The girl loves Gravity Falls, and wanted to dress up as Mabel.

It’s not like I could have said no.

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Outfit of the day. 

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Doodling my bae bc i’m really sad

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Homelessness is now a crime in cities throughout the U.S.




Eighteen percent of cities now ban sleeping in public, and 42% of cities ban sleeping in vehicles.

Learn more.

The only way to justify these laws is to provide everyone with Basics Through Taxes, or provide all people with housing somehow.

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Your Favorite Old And New Music Videos Are About To Get A Brand Makeover

"Universal Music Group, the world’s largest record label, advertising agency Havas, and ad tech company Mirriad have teamed up to weave advertising campaigns directly into streaming music videos, including ones from years ago."

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Moving out for the first time is really emphasizing my desire to have Basics Through Taxes.

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